”Stealin” – Tribute to Uriah Heep
”Return to Fantasy” – Black Mark Compilation
”C’est la Vie” – Black Mark Compilation

Edge of Sanity
I Wanna go Home” – Tribute to Sator
”Criminally Insane” – Tribute to Slayer

Wounded Knee
”Deadly Skies” – Hüsker Dü tribute King Kong EP
”Crisis Everywhere” – Panx vinyl Zine EP
”Do you really wanna die?” – Volume One EP

O (:the circle)
”Waterfall” – Volume One EP

Dan Swanö
”Melissa” – Tribute to Mercyful Fate
”Lucretia” – Tribute to Sisters of Mercy
”Lucretia” – CD from Swedish Metal Book vol II
”The Quest of Absurdity” – Asphyx ”The Rack” Tribute
”Country Girl” – Tribute to Dio (With Peter Tägtgren)

”After Me” – Tribute to Marillion
”Afterglow” – Tribute to Genesis
”Your Last Denial” and ”After Before”
Progressive Voyage (1970/93)