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Star One

2002 Space Metal
2010 Victims of the Modern Age

1999 Tonight’s Decision

Diabolical Masquerade
(Drums/Drum-programming/Keyboards/Add. Vocals)

Ravendusk in My Heart 1996
The Phantom Lodge 1997
Nightwork 1998
Death’s Design 2001


1992 Demo 92 (Demo)
1993 As the shadows fall
1997 A wayfarers tears


1994 Threshold to reality


1992 A Serenade of Agony


2004 Bolted to the Cross

Another Life

2008 Memories from Nothing

(Lead Guitars/Keyboards)

2008 The Hate Chamber
2010 Slakthus Gamleby


Vocals only:

Made in Sweden – ”Out of the Darkness”
Graveyard – ”A Tale of Creation”
Ghostorm – ”Fraud of Dark”, ”Legend”
Exhumation – ”Seas of Eternal Silence”
De Infernali – ”Sign of the Dark”
Nocturne – ”Sign of the Dark”
Appearance of Nothing – ”Mirrors Eyes”
Threshold – ”Slipstream”, ”Elusive”
Lay Down Rotten – ”Altering the Whore”
Entrails – ”Death League”
Hail Of Bullets – ”Ordered Eastward”
Another Perfect Day – ”You Better Run”,
”The Ghost She Slept Beside Me”
Evocation – ”Antidote”
Andy Winter – ”Somewhere else to disappear”
Exeloume – ”Our Poisonous Creation”
Sin7Sins – ”Cyanide Symphony”
Dew Scented – ”Reawakening”
Burden of Grief – ”Light my fire”
Evemaster – ”New age dawns”
Mahlstrom – ”Nordlys”
Algol – ”Still in My Eyes, Burning”
Reckless Manslaughter – ”Devastating Domination”
Mordax – ”Monarch of all”
Fractal Gates – ”Mighty Wings”
Memory Garden – ”Barren Lands”
Dawn of Dreams – ”Angel eyes”
Canopy – ”During day one”
Jigsore Terror – ”Slaughtered Existence”
Novembers Doom – Borderline

Guitar solo:

Novembers Doom – ”Dark world burden”
Canopy – ”During day one”
Revel in Flesh – Graveyard Procession


Sörskogen – ”Mordet i grotten”


Session, more than one track:

Millencolin – Backing Vocals/Keyboards
”All recordings from 1993-1997”
Necrony – Lead Guitar
”Necronysicm – Distorting the originals” (EP)
Winds – Vocals
”Prominence and Demise”
Therion – Vocals
”Theli”, ”A’arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming” (EP)
Proserpine – Vocals
”Human Machine”
Leukemia – Vocals
”Grey Flanneled Souls”, ”Love”
Under Black Clouds – Guitars
”As Darkness Falls”
Another Life – Drums/Keyboards/Solo
”Another Life” (Demo)