Second Sky was formed the moment Unicorn ceased to exist.

I still had a lot of songs and ideas for the third Unicorn album that I needed to take to the next level.

First I thought I could do it all alone, and messed around with programmed drums and mountains of keyboards,

but that was not the sound I was after.

After a while I decided to ask Peter Edwinzon (Unicorn keyboarder) if he’d join in, but as a bass player.

He joined instantly, and after a while I found the missing ingredient in session-drummer Peter Damin.

I sent some demo material to The End Records, and they loved what they heard, and signed us on the spot.

In May 2004 we recorded the drums for the album in Peter Damin’s old cottage on the countryside of Örebro.

Once the drums and percussion were finished, I started the overdubs.

As I started to add overdubs, I felt that some of the material needed some more work,

and that some drums had to be re-recorded.

This time the session was held at Studio Rymdklang in Örebro.

Unfortunaly none of the drums recorded in the cottage or at Rymdklang will be used for the album

(expect for some great percussion)

since I had messed around so much with the arrangements of the songs post-drum recording,

that it just didn’t sound like the drumming was ”with” the music anymore.

Since Peter Damin is one of the best humans ever, In February 2010,

he re-recorded all the drums, this time at Studio Soundlab, for free.

Thanx again mate!!

Since then the album have been hibernating on the hard drives for long periods of time,

since my heavy workload with mixtering other bands.

Every now and then I open the project and do some re-recording or just listen to it and enjoy the awesomeness.

I recently decided that all songs need new lyrics, so at this point (February 2018)

there is still A LOT of writing and singing to do

Apart from that, the music is ready to be mixed, and it’s a really tough album to mix

since the sound I am after usually costs a lot of money to get (read: Chris Lord-Alge)
but I am doing the very best I can, and I feel that I broaden my own knowledge every time

I dive in and mix one of those tracks.

Sometimes it’s complicated because there’s layers of overdubs that all fit together like patchwork,

and you need to get the balance just right.

Some other tracks are really ”open” in their arrangement, with only Drums, bass and Grand Piano,

and that is difficult to get to sound BIG in other ways 🙂

The album consists of 9 tracks and musically it ranges from neo-prog like Marillion early Hogarth-era

to more mainstream stuff like ”Simon Philips-era” Toto and early Asia.

I like to call Second Sky ”Post-prog” because we tend to sound like the ”big” prog bands,

but when they decided to cut back on the prog and be more ”pop”,

but still with a few epic passages here and there 🙂

When will it be ready!? I have no idea 😉


Only time will tell!