A Collection of Worlds – Resurrection

It’s finally here!

A Collection Of Worlds – Resurrection.

On LP and CD!!! Thanks to the wonderful people at Alone Records, our dream of seeing this recording in a physical format (other than cassette!) have come true!
28 years after its initial release it has finally reached its full potential and has been given Mr. K’s approval!
The music was transferred from the original master tapes, lovingly restored and remixed to reveal the intended sound of the original recordings.
The magic of a band at its creative peak filled with youthful spirit* is impossible to recreate and the instrumental performances are still the same as on the original release from 1990.
* = At the time of the original recordings the average age of Unicorn was 17 years old
The lead vocals, however, suffered a bit from the ”teenage voice syndrome” and have been re-recorded, by the same singer,
in a very faithful rendition of the original performance, bringing a new, timeless quality to the 40 minutes long musical journey of symphonic and progressive rock

You can buy the vinyl (Orange and Black) and the CD right here: Click me for purchasing magic!

Or if you prefer, a digital download can be bought for only 7 USD in Full Dynamic range (DR13) as 44.1 kHz/24 Bit WAV files, and other formats right here:

You can also download high resolution scans of the original artwork and lyrics and some more documents with information about this release and beyond.
Unicorn: Dan Swanö: Drums & Lead Vocals. Anders Måreby: Guitars, Flute & Vocals. Peter Edwinzon: Piano, Synthesizers & Vocals. Per Runesson: Bass guitar.