Subway Mirror – s/t

Subway Mirror – s/t

The legendary Dan Swanö may be thought of as a ”metal god”—writing and performing as well as producing, mixing, and mastering countless such projects over the decades—but keep in mind that even by 1990, Swanö had already been involved with a variety of rock, hardcore/punk, and metal bands. In his own words, the reality is that metal is ”just one little tiny bit in the corner.” Further evidence of this fact results from one of Dan’s most obscure and unknown groups: SUBWAY MIRROR. Existing from approximately 1990 – 1995, this alternative rock outfit heavily inspired by acts such as Buffalo Tom, Read more »

A Collection of Worlds – Resurrection

UNICORN A Collection of Worlds – Resurrection  LP/CD/Digital

It’s finally here! A Collection Of Worlds – Resurrection. On LP and CD!!! Thanks to the wonderful people at Alone Records, our dream of seeing this recording in a physical format (other than cassette!) have come true! 28 years after its initial release it has finally reached its full potential and has been given Mr. K’s approval! The music was transferred from the original master tapes, lovingly restored and remixed to reveal the intended sound of the original recordings. The magic of a band at its creative peak filled with youthful spirit* is impossible to recreate and the instrumental performances Read more »

Double Vinyl/CD

GHOST 1983-1988 Double Vinyl/CD

Dan Swanö’s 80’s hard rock band Ghost finally released on 2-LP/CD Long before Tobias Forge made success with Ghost there was another Swedish hard rock band with the same name. Six years prior to when Dan Swanö founded the death metal group Edge Of Sanity 1989 he and Anders Måreby started Ghost. Influenced by bands like Kiss the young duo created 60 songs between 1983 and 1988. Dan was ten and Anders twelve years old when the band started. They did several demo and live recordings, but never got that record deal they wanted. Now, 30 years after the band Read more »

Rock Hard Live

NIGHTINGALE Rock Hard Live Vinyl/CD/Digital

Sweden’s Progressive Hardrockers NIGHTINGALE have announced the release of their first-ever live album, “Rock Hard Live” on December 8th, 2017. Following up NIGHTINGALES’s latest studio album “Retribution”, which was released in 2014 via InsideOutMusic, “Rock Hard Live” was recorded at Germany’s Rock Hard festival in 2016 and contains the following tracklisting: NIGHTINGALE – “Rock Hard Live”: 1. Nightfall Overture 2. A Raincheck On My Demise 3. Hideaway 4. Forevermore 5. Into The Light 6. Chasing The Storm Away 7. Revival 8. Steal The Moon 9. Black Tears

Vinyl Reissue

NIGHTINGALE Retribution Vinyl Reissue

Nightingale was started off in 1994 as a solo project by Swedish multi instrumentalist and producer Dan Swanö, previously know for being vocalist and songwriter of prog death metal band Edge Of Sanity (among many other collaborations) and owner of Unisound Studios. While the first album entitled “The Breathing Shadow” was close to Goth rock, Nightingale saw the joining of Dan´s brother Dag in 1996 as the turning point to a prog rock/metal act. The release of highly acclaimed albums like “I” (2000) or “Invisible” (2004) was the confirmation of their success. “Retribution” is finally receiving vinyl treatment this 2017 Read more »

Vinyl Reissue

DAN SWANÖ Moontower Vinyl Reissue

Label: BLACK MARK Moontower is a solo studio album by the Swedish musician Dan Swanö. Dan Swanö described the album as sounding like “If Rush played death metal in the 1970s”. SIDE A 1. Sun Of The Night 2. Patchworks 3. Uncreation 4. Add Reality SIDE B 5. Creating Illusions 6. The Big Sleep 7. Encounterparts 8. In Empty Phrases

Nightfall Overture
Vinyl Reissue

NIGHTINGALENightfall Overture Vinyl Reissue

Label: BLACK MARK Nightfall Overture is a best of compilation album by the Swedish progressive/AOR metal/rock band Nightingale. Tracks 1-8 are re-recorded songs from the band’s first four albums (two per album), a newversion of an Edge of Sanity song ”Losing Myself” from the album Infernal, and one new song, ”Better Safe Than Sorry” SIDE A 1. Nightfall Overture 2. The Dreamreader 3. Revival 4. Steal The Moon 5. Alonely SIDE B 6. I Return 7. The Glory Days 8. Shadowland Serenade 9. Losing Myself 10.Better Safe Than Sorry

The Northern Sanctuary

WITHERSCAPE The Northern Sanctuary  Vinyl/CD/Digital

Following up on the refreshing impact of 2013’s much acclaimed debut album “The Inheritance” (“Album of the month” by Germany’s Rock Hard magazine and position # 97 in the official German sales charts) and 2014’s complimentary “The New Tomorrow” EP, “The Northern Sanctuary” is yet another mesmerizingly dense conceptual album, enhanced by breathtakingly powerful artwork courtesy of Hungarian artist Gyula Havancsák. Once more lyrically supported by Paul Kuhr (Novembers Doom), WITHERSCAPE continue the storyline launched with the debut album, as Swanö explains: “The theme picks up where we left off with the ”The New Tomorrow” EP. There is a 50 Read more »